Handouts, How To's, Tips and Techniques, and other material submitted by our members.

Bob Verne Laminated Rolling Pin Instructions

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This is the handout from Bob Gunther on how he makes layered bowls.

Turning for Furnituremakers

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Willard Anderson's review of Turning for Furnituremakers, a course at the new Lonnie Bird woodworking school in Dandridge Tennessee.

Oneway Chuck Sizing Chart

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This is a simple chart that displays the jaw opening sizes for the Oneway, Stronghold, and Talon chucks made by Oneway.

Ed Graham's Turning Spheres

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Brooks Johnston's Turning a Box

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Frank Penta's Handouts

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WGNC Website Quick Guide

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This is a single page file that can be used as a quick reference for the options available on the website.

Darren Gozy's Handouts

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Alan Leland's Handouts

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Platter Bottoms

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Al Basham's Turning Notes

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