All registered users can submit event information for inclusion into the WGNC online calendar.

To post an event to the WGNC online calendar, follow these directions:

  • Logon
  • From the home page, click on the day in the calendar which your event will occur.
  • Click the "Add an Event" link

Under the Content tab
  • Give the event a meaningful subject: e.g. Bowl Turning Breakout Session
  • Choose the appropriate category: e.g. Breakout Sessions
  • Activity: Give details about your event, be specific.
  • Location: Where is the event?
  • Contact: Put how members are to contact you here, a phone number or an email address
  • Extra Infos: put any additional information here.

Under the Publication Date tab
  • Specify the start and end date/time of the event
  • Click the Save Icon

Your event will then be reviewed by the site moderators and published to the event calendar.