We urge each member to update their online profile to include their most recent data. The online profile is the basis for our clubs membership database. To update your profile follow these directions:
To update your profile, including your biography:

  • Logon
  • Click the "My Profile" button under the User Menu
  • Click the "Update your pofile" link in the upper right hand corner of the profile area.
  • Your profile has multiple tabs of information. Click on each tab to edit that area.
    • Contact Information. This tab has your name, user name, and password information on it.
    • Additional Info. This tab has everything else about you, including your biography.
  • Update any of the data you want. Some fields will not be editable by users, such as the "Dues paid through" field, these are only updated by the administrator.
  • Once you are done, be sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.
Your profile will then reflect your new changes.