We are pleased to announce the addition to our library of five Woodturning Masters Series videos, produced by AAW. They were received as part of WGNC’s recognition as a 2011 Star Chapter, a designation bestowed upon local chapters who have achieved 100% AAW membership. Be sure to look for the videos in the AAW-labled section of our library.

The new DVDs feature autobiographical perspectives of American woodturners Rude Osolnick, Ed Moulthrop, Palmer Sharpless, Dale Nish, and David Ellsworth. As if entering a precious capsule of time (circa late 1990’s), we are able to visit with these renowned woodturners in their personal surroundings as they reflect upon their respective life work related to a love of wood and the turning of wood. They graciously conduct video viewers through tours of their homes and studios, make spousal introductions, and even treat us to a sampling of the contents of their private collections.

As a result of the autobiographical insight we are given by these five trailblazers, as well as commentary from others who occasionally appear on the videos, we come away with a keener sense of the pioneering efforts that led ultimately to contemporary woodturning.