Our library is growing, and it is good to see so many members taking advantage of this valuable benefit. Many thanks to all who help to make the library a success by returning items in good condition and on time, donating, and finding long lost books & videos.

Ann Matrone and Alan Seiferheld have recently made a gracious donation of periodicals to the library...primarily various Woodturner magazines dating from 1993 to 1998. This welcome addition, combined with our collection of American Woodturner issues(1995-2011), make for great reading by offering a plethora of projects and tips. Let Lyn Aumock know you’re interested in seeing any of of our magazines and she will point you in their direction.

We have acquired a number of new DVDs so far this year. Be sure to look for them next time you visit the library:

  • Cindy Drozda’s Finial Star
  • Heirlooms-Making things that Last! (Mike Mahoney)
  • Introduction to Segmented Turning with Curt Theobald
  • Making a Peppermill (Ted Sokolowski)
  • Turning Projects with Richard Raffan
  • Woodturning A Foundation Course (Keith Rowley)
  • Woodturning with Mike Jackofsky: Making a Hollow Vessel
  • Woodturning Projects with Rex & Kip: Volume 3 (Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen)

Additionally, we have recently purchased several videos which come to us from a group of well known overseas turners with the designation "RPT", indicating they have earned the title of Registered Professional Turners from the Worshipful Company of Turners of London, chartered by King James I in 1604.

The diversity of the library will be enhanced by the inclusion of such videos. DVD titles we have recently obtained from the "RTP" turners are:

  • Making and Decorating Goblets (Mick Hanbury)
  • Screwples #2: The Lighthouse Puzzle (John Berkeley)
  • Introduction to the #3 Eccentric Chuck(Jean Francois Escoulan)
  • Turned Out Nice Again (Sue Harker)

We are on our way to achieving a library inventory reflective of a wide range of interests and skill levels representative of our membership. Your continued help and contributions are welcome in making this endeavor a successful one.

*Reminder: Library policy allows for a total of three items to be borrowed at one time, which may include a maximum of two DVDs. Borrowed items are due back at the next meeting. A monthly email reminder is sent to those with items checked out.