After quite a dry spell in the "new material" department, this spring and summer has
seen a number of new additions. This month will not disappoint because the following items
are now available.

First up is "The Creative Process" by Trent Bosch.

This new DVD by Trent Bosch, walks you through all the steps Trent goes through when developing new ideas or combining existing ideas.

You will follow Trent as he brainstorms an idea, sketches the idea, prototypes, makes the idea come to life and the evaluation process after the idea is complete.

This is the perfect video for anyone looking to generate new ideas as well as for those not quite sure where to start.

Next up is "The Making of a Teapot" DVD by Michael Gibson.

If you have ever seen one of Michael Gibson’s teapots you immediately know that it was created by an artist. I know myself that I have often wondered exactly how they are done. Making a teapot has always seemed intimidating. Now, thanks to Michael, the process is laid out in an easily-understandable process in this new DVD.

Starting with the blank on the band saw, Michael rounds out the piece of wood to be used (Michael’s preferred wood is usually pear).  He starts between centers and trues up the wood where he checks for cracks and defects. Once tenons are cut and the piece is held by the chuck, he starts to rough in the shape of the body leaving stock at the top for the lid. After parting off the piece to be used as the lid, he drills out the inside of the roughed-out body of the teapot. He now proceeds to hollow out the body to his desired thickness.

After finishing the body of the teapot, he proceeds to show you how the lid is turned and fitted to the teapot body. Once the lid is completed, he shows how the handle and the spout are manufactured. His procedure for doing this is quite unique and involves a drawing of the actual teapot body. Once the spout and handle are drawn to his satisfaction, the real work begins and the process is interesting and involved.

This is a very interesting video that shows exactly what is needed to produce a teapot.

In addition to the above new material, we also have several items which have been donated to the Library.

Richard Cook has given us a second copy of Beth Ireland's "Turning Outside the Box". This DVD discusses and demonstrates an informal approach to technical and sculptural problem solving.  It also introduces the band saw as a complimentary tool to the lathe.  You will be shown the steps in making a band saw box and various ways of mounting the box on a lathe to create dramatic and original pieces.

Since many of you also enjoy other types of wood working, we are adding four DVD's produced by the Woodworkers Guild of America. These DVD's come to us from Dick Raup.  The specific titles are:
   - "Cabinet Making Techniques: The Next Level"
   - "Chair Making Essentials"
   - "Dresser Essentials"
   - "Advanced Techniques - Joinery and Cabinetry"

Summer is upon us and vacation time have arrived.  Come check out something to read or watch as part of your summer fun.