A message from WGNC President Bob Reuss:

The board met on Thursday and discussed a number of future items. We did decide to maintain dues at the current $40 annual level for 2016 and also to begin issuing a personal ID card with the year for which dues are paid in 2016. It will fit in your wallet and be punched to work with the lavalieres which the club provides at each meeting.

We will also begin in November to require that all attendees sign in on a roster each meeting. For members you will only need to check off your name. For guests there will be spaces to write in a name.

Dues are due by the January meeting and can be paid in cash, by check made out to WGNC or by credit card at the meetings (there is a small up charge to cover processing fees). Any current member who has not renewed by March 31 will not appear on the sign in roster and will have no access to the library.

We will also begin to charge for non member attendance at the two big visiting demonstrator events we host each year (NCSU Students excepted). This is similar to the policies followed by several other clubs in the state including Wilmington which charges for guests at all meetings.

If you are interested to serve on the board or as an officer in 2016 please contact me before the December 3rd board meeting. We will propose a slate of officers and board members to the group at the December meeting.