WGNC is pleased to present Marc Banka as the featured demonstrator at the April 12, 2018 meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center. The description of the presentation, as described by Marc, is below.

“I've been working with variations on the simple Ogee Platter, plate or bowl. An Ogee outside and an interior space having a rim with a convex curve, a center area with a concave shape (of course), and a simple element delineating the two sections.

Join us Thursday, Feb. 8 to explore the art of the finial with expert turner Alan Leland.

"The focus of the demonstration is to help take the mystery out of turning elegant finials and spindles," Alan explained. "I will discuss some basic design concepts and how I develop my elegant finials."

The 7pm meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center will include the usual demonstration time, gallery critique and raffle. Members, guests and newcomers are all welcome to attend.

WGNC member Todd Hartzell will be the demonstrator for our regular club meeting Sept. 14, focusing on turning off-axis rectangles.

Todd will demonstrate how you can turn rectangles with no special additional tools, first on center, then off-center and for the more adventure seekers he will add a twist, and for the extreme adventurist off-center, twisted and cocked. He will start with Art-O-Mat and the roots and need to turn rectangles. Then block selection, creation, and prep.

Next, the size of blocks that can be turned will depend on chuck and jaw sizes, and types you have available. Speed, Slicing, Tool Entry, and creativity options you have will also be covered. If there is time Todd will demo how you can even turn the edges and corners.

Rectangles and squares can be very difficult to sand without taking some serious hits to the hands even wearing gloves, so he will demonstrate methods he has developed to sand these pieces.

Michigan woodturner Lyle Jamieson will be demoing from his shop and broadcasting (with multiple camera angles) to us at the Craft Center this Thursday night starting at 7pm.

Lyle has been involved in both woodworking and turning from an early age. His father mentored him in the intricacies of wood, both structurally and artistically, and as a result of this background, he got his start in the woodworking field.

Lyle has developed a style that is both innovative in design and technically challenging. His creative energies and desire to cultivate his technique soon led him to attempt turning the human form, which requires a multi-axis approach versus the more traditional single axis.

From these techniques, Lyle was able to create the Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System.

Today, Lyle is an accomplished teacher of wood turning technique and now resides in a beautiful corner of northern Michigan. Read more at lylejamieson.com

Please join us Thursday July 13 at 7:00 pm for an exploration of most all things spherical with WGNC member Lars Nyland.

"Spheres are about the simplest design you can imagine -- pick a piece of wood, then make it round in every way you can, sand and finish, and you're done," notes Lars. "The spherical shape is perfect and contrasts quite nicely with figured wood. But sometimes, you might want to enhance the piece with more design features."

"In my demo, I'll turn a sphere, hollow it out, and then demonstrate several embellishments, including puncturing, scorching, branding, outlining, painting, and cutting.