Please join us Thursday July 13 at 7:00 pm for an exploration of most all things spherical with WGNC member Lars Nyland.

"Spheres are about the simplest design you can imagine -- pick a piece of wood, then make it round in every way you can, sand and finish, and you're done," notes Lars. "The spherical shape is perfect and contrasts quite nicely with figured wood. But sometimes, you might want to enhance the piece with more design features."

"In my demo, I'll turn a sphere, hollow it out, and then demonstrate several embellishments, including puncturing, scorching, branding, outlining, painting, and cutting.

Lars has been a woodturner for more than 20 years, and has been a member of WGNC for almost as long. His lathe of choice is the Stubby 750 which he bought in 2001 and is still discovering new ways to use it. His work leans toward the exploratory and unconventional end of things. For his day job, he designs the fastest computers in the world.

As usual the meeting will begin promptly at 7pm in the NCSU Crafts Center, 210 Jensen Dr, Raleigh. It will include some club announcements, a raffle and an instant gallery, where each member or guest is invited to bring a single turned item to be photographed and reviewed by a senior member of the guild. The meeting ends at 9pm.