WGNC is pleased to present Marc Banka as the featured demonstrator at the April 12, 2018 meeting at the NCSU Crafts Center. The description of the presentation, as described by Marc, is below.

“I've been working with variations on the simple Ogee Platter, plate or bowl. An Ogee outside and an interior space having a rim with a convex curve, a center area with a concave shape (of course), and a simple element delineating the two sections.

I enjoy exploring what can happen within this simple design by varying the shapes and sizes of these elements, as well as how different proportions of the wood blank effect the look and feel of the piece. It's often that by restricting our choices, like repeating a simple design, that we find the most artistic expression.

In the demonstration I will explain my tool choices and demonstrate how I use them and then explain my process for mounting the blank to minimize runout issues. I will discuss my thoughts and methods for incorporating the foot of the piece into the tenon and my finishing methods.”

Marc started working with wood as a teenager but only recently rediscovered his passion for turning wooden bowls. He is largely self-taught, so through experience he has come to understand how a lovely shape can be coaxed from a tree. The craft of turning wood has come easily for him, but technical mastery alone doesn’t make art. “The art comes when the natural beauty of the wood is honored by a shape of equal beauty. Bowl turning is very physical, and yet I approach it intuitively. With the bowl on the lathe, I often find that touch is more sensitive than what I can see. I am always seeking the beauty of line – the graceful curve – as I uncover the vessel deep inside the tree.