WGNC will host Art Liestman at the Sept. 10 meeting with a demonstration and discussion of therming, the art of inverted and sometimes off-center turning.

The meeting will start as usual at 7pm in the NC State Crafts Center. Members and guests are invited to watch the demonstration, bring in their recent creations for display and a gentle critique, and participate in the club raffle.

Former WGNC president Beau Bunn will join us this Thursday, Aug. 13 starting at 7pm to demonstrate is technique for turning perfect spheres.

Beau, who now lives in Wilmington and is head diving coach for UNCW Seahawks, has been turning for about 16 years and is known for his perfectly round spheres. He has demoed for the club years ago, as well as for the NC symposium. He's also been an assistant instructor at the John Campbell Folk School.

Making things round on the lathe is pretty simple, but achieving a perfect sphere in three dimensions is quite the leap. Beau has learned and developed techniques using a wet-wood jam chuck to make this easier and consistent. He'll share these in the demo as well as his handout explaining the steps in the process.

WGNC member Meryl Valnes will be demonstrating his wineglass projects at the May 14 meeting of the Woodturners Guild of NC at the NC State Crafts Center.

He will be turning the stems for wine glasses and inserting the glass into the wood; showing how to separate the glass from the stem, and how to attach it to the new turned stem. "I will also look at wood selection for this project and the best way to finish them. As this is a project that can incorporate off-set turning, I will show you how to do a couple of different methods of putting a 'crooked stem' on to the wine glass."

Our "Fearless Leader" Bob Reuss (it’s pronounced Royce) Will demonstrate basic bowl turning techniques for both "normal" and "natural edge" configurations.

He will discuss options for mounting and shaping as well as several techniques for embellishing basic shapes to make them more interesting including beads and grooves, texturing, two approaches to making black lines, use of wire and linen thread and use of stains and dyes with some examples to share.

Professional turner and member Alan Leland will share his solutions to speed up production turning and everyday turning problems at the April 9 meeting of the Woodturners Guild of NC at the NC State Crafts Center.

"This demo will deal with some of the common problems that arise when turning duplicates or when trying to turn one off items that may require a jig or a bit of tweaking in order to mount on the lathe," Alan explained.