Please join us Thursday night at 6:30 pm for a demonstration by master craftsman and artist Trent Bosch from Colorado. He will be turning a hollow form and carving and manipulating it, and will later turn and carve a platter as well.

If you get the AAW magazine, you may have noticed an article on gilding written by WGNC's own Tom Terrell. On Sept. 12, Tom will do a live demo on the subject at the guild's regular monthly meeting starting at 7pm at the NCSU Crafts Center.

Update: Miss the meeting? Watch the video now. Thanks to WGNC member Ed Mastin for the meeting photos.

Long-time member Lars Nyland steps out from behind the camera (Lars takes the photos for the Instant Gallery) to show alternatives to turning cubic blocks of wood on side-grain or long-grain.

Instead, he will mount the blocks from corner to corner (known as "turning on the bias"). Lars will show a simple bowl/vase shape with a 3-pointed rim, followed by more complex shape(s) with 3 or 4 points on the rim/base. He'll also show the effect of other curves and how triples of points appear, some wide-and-flat and some long-and-spikey.

Bob Reuss has been a member of our club and the AAW since 2001. He is currently serving as Treasurer. He will be demonstrating the techniques for two piece hollow forms and will have examples and a comprehensive handout for the members in attendance.

At the June 13 meeting of the guild, member Alan Leland will turn a square Ikebana flower container. Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging cut stems, leaves, and flowers in special spiked-cup containers. The containers are sold as inserts for woodturning projects.

UPDATE: In case you missed it, here's a recording of the full demo.