Our new rolling library cabinet spent the first part of its life in service of Asheville's Carolina Mountain Woodturners club.

We had contacted CMW some months ago in regard to obtaining photos or plans of their clamshell unit in order to help formulate a design for the construction of a library cabinet for WGNC. Apparently the timing of the request was fortuitous: Don Rose, the cabinet's builder, informed us that CMW members were preparing to build a replacement.

The options for the future of the existing cabinet were demolition...or finding a new home with us. And so it came to be that the cabinet is now ours to use and enjoy - or at least, that's the short version.

The unit had spent much of its Asheville life being rolled in and out of a utility trailer, because storage space had not always been available in the fantastic Folk Arts Center auditorium, where CMW holds meetings.

Don's generous offer of the cabinet to us came with a cautionary word about its condition, making no bones about the fact that it was quite beat up as a result of its unavoidable treatment in the past.

However, he also believed it just might have a few good years of use left - and we're certainly hoping that will be the case, especially since it has now received a facelift.

The unfolding of the cabinet's journey home will become evident as you peruse these "before and after" photos.