This is a call for volunteers to host breakouts. This is your opportunity to share your skills and craft with others. It is rewarding to show others what you know and have learned. I challenge you each to come up with some technique that you’d like to share with other turners in the guild. Together we can determine the best schedule and resources for a successful breakout.

Our local Woodcraft store has offered their shop/class room to us for breakouts so if you feel your shop/turning area is not large enough, their shop may be the answer. It has lathes, table saw, band saw etc. In addition, our club has six lathes and chucks that that can also be used for breakouts at a host's shop. If you would like to host a breakout contact Richard Cook, the breakout coordinator, through the club address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or see him at the meeting.

Bob Aumock has noted that "Breakouts are very rewarding to both the hosts and the attendees and are a great way to have fun while supporting the club. Without volunteer hosts there would be no breakout sessions! Thanks again for your time, energy and club enthusiasm in making breakouts happen."