Due to the time it takes to adequately critique a piece, WGNC is limiting the monthly gallery to one piece per member.

Starting in June, members need to choose and bring in just their best piece -- or most challenging or interesting -- to be photographed and critiqued. We know you may produce several amazing works each month, but only one should be deemed -- by you -- as worthy of this treatment.

We are doing this mainly to respect the time of our members and our esteemed demonstrators. Too often we cut into the demo time or have the meeting run well beyond our 9pm end time. The CraftsCenter staff needs to lock down the building by 9:30pm so we need to end promptly and clean up so everyone can get home at a reasonable time.

Pairs or small sets of things (<3) will be permitted, but always photographed and critiqued as a single entity.

Whoever is running the critique will also lead and strictly limit discussion of the pieces to ensure all receive adequate and timely review. If you have questions or want more detail from the creator, please be sure to pursue those questions directly with them after the meeting.