* Oct. 12 - Tips and Jigs
* Nov. 9 - Lyle Jamieson: Hollowing via Web Streaming
* Dec. 14 - Party and Exchange

The Oct. 12 WGNC meeting will offer two opportunities for hands-on participation.

The meeting will open with our annual "Tips, Tricks and Jigs" presentation.  Members are encouraged to present helpful hints from their shop.  This can include anything from turning techniques, to shop setup to hauling and processing wood.  If it is at all related to your turning you can present it.

Have something you can't bring to the meeting? No problem, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a photo or two by Oct. 11 and we will project it on the screen.  Please limit your presentation to three items.

After the "Tips, Tricks and Jigs," we will take a short break and then commence a member "Show and Tell". In response to membership requests for a more in-depth gallery discussion, we invite members to bring a piece to the meeting to present to the membership.  You will have an opportunity to discuss your piece, receive a critique from our panel, and ask or receive questions from the audience.  We encourage you to bring a piece to share at the meeting.  It can be something with a unique technique, a piece that you had trouble with or any piece that you just want to have input on.  We are limiting this session to one piece per person.

This meeting will be an excellent opportunity for you to share your experiences and learn from the experience of others.  Please plan to attend and participate.