Our friends across the pond have compiled a list of 185 detailed turning projects you may want to check out.

Here's the full list with their categorization. As of January 2019, these were all publicly available links.


1 Hollow Forms Bowls Fruit Bowl
2 Hollow Forms Bowls Footed Ogee Bowl
3 Hollow Forms Bowls Salad Bowl
4 Hollow Forms Bowls Four Part Bowl
5 Hollow Forms Bowls Sectional Bowl
6 Hollow Forms Bowls Round Bottom Bowl
7 Hollow Forms Bowls Lidded Finial Bowl
8 Hollow Forms Bowls Plywood Bowl
9 Hollow Forms Bowls Bowl Faults
10 Hollow Forms Bowls 1 Blank 10 Projects
11 Hollow Forms Bowls Weekend Projects - Blockwork bowl
12 Hollow Forms Bowls Weekend projects - Simple salad bowl
13 Hollow Forms Bowls Weekend Projects - Decorative seashell bowl
14 Hollow Forms Bowls Weekend Projects - Turned bowl on a bowl
15 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Cylindrical Box
16 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Square Edged Pot
17 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Elliptical Padauk Box
18 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Sycamore Log Birdbox
19 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots 10 Boxes - Part 1
20 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots 10 Boxes - Part 2
21 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Japanese Inspired Jewellery Box
22 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Finned Box
23 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend Projects - Alternative amber and briar box
24 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend Projects - Sycamore rocket box
25 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend Projects - Oak and padauk spinning top box
26 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend projects - Kitchen storage jars
27 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend Projects - Sgraffito pot
28 Hollow Forms Boxes/Pots Weekend Projects - Box with lid and finial top
29 Hollow Forms Platters Broad Rimmed Platter
30 Hollow Forms Artisitc Ebonised Hollow Form
31 Hollow Forms Artisitc Screw-topped Hollow Form
32 Hollow Forms Artisitc Creating Maximum Impact
33 Hollow Forms Artisitc Stoppered Hollow Form
34 Hollow Forms Artisitc Lidded Form With Finial
35 Hollow Forms Artisitc Five Hollow Forms
36 Hollow Forms Artisitc Weekend Projects - Scorched Hollow Form on a Plinth
37 Hollow Forms Artisitc Weekend Projects - Carved Hollow Form
38 Hollow Forms Artisitc Weekend Projects - Carved mini hollow form
39 Hollow Forms Artisitc Bottle In A Cube
40 Hollow Forms Artisitc Carved Hollow Form
41 Hollow Forms Vases Three Legged Vase
42 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Flame-inspired Open Form
43 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Cherry Vase
44 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Re-turned Huon Pine Vase
45 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Tall end-grain vase
46 Hollow Forms Vases Precision Drilled Vase
47 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Natural edge vase and bowl
48 Hollow Forms Vases Weekend Projects - Painted vase
49 Hollow Forms Homeware Pestle and Mortar
50 Hollow Forms Homeware Pincushion
51 Hollow Forms Homeware Shaving and Make Up Brushes
52 Hollow Forms Homeware Perfume Bottle Holder
53 Hollow Forms Homeware Weekend Projects - Kitchen utensil holder
54 Hollow Forms Homeware Weekend Projects - Five items for the office
55 Hollow Forms Homeware Weekend Projects - Owl-shaped salt and pepper mills
56 Faceplate Homeware Off Centre Clock
57 Faceplate Homeware Turn a CD Rack
58 Faceplate Homeware Bunny Box
59 Faceplate Homeware Segmented Wine Bottle Holders
60 Faceplate Homeware Victorian Door Knockers
61 Faceplate Homeware Little Pill Boxes
62 Faceplate Homeware 10 Projects From Burrs
63 Faceplate Homeware Hawaiian Inspired Fragrance Diffuser
64 Faceplate Homeware Turned And Decorated Fruit
65 Faceplate Homeware Salt and Pepper Cruet Set
66 Faceplate Homeware Oriental Ginger Jar
67 Faceplate Homeware Cosmic Candle Holders
68 Faceplate Homeware Five Pomander Designs
69 Faceplate Homeware Dressing Table Mirror
70 Faceplate Homeware Five Clock Designs
71 Faceplate Homeware Contemporary Wall Hanging
72 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Project - Contemporary Wall Art
73 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Ring Stand
74 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Tree ornament
75 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Kitchen Storage Tubes
76 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Walnut Ostrich Feather Duster Handle
77 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Wall-mounted CD Holder
78 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Retro Inspired Mirror
79 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - 10 Log and Branch Wood Projects
80 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Occasional Side Table
81 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Arched laminated clock
82 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Button Cylinder Pendant
83 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projected - Turned and carved wall hanging
84 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - 5 kitchen and dining room items
85 Faceplate Homeware Weekend Projects - Sugar bowl
86 Faceplate Homeware Trio of Multi Axis Bud Vases
87 Faceplate Homeware Gavel And Block
88 Faceplate   Weekend Projects - Three-cornered Bowl
89 Faceplate   Weekend Projected - Diamond rimmed bowl
90 Faceplate Bowls Off-centre Winged Bowl
91 Faceplate Bowls Diamond Rim Bowl
92 Faceplate Bowls Your First Segmented Bowl
93 Faceplate Bowls Offset Corian Swirl Bowl
94 Faceplate Bowls Coffee Stirrer Bowl
95 Faceplate Bowls Carved Wing Bowls
96 Faceplate Bowls Sculptural Wide Rim Bowl
97 Faceplate Bowls Polychromatic Bowl
98 Faceplate Bowls Internal Drop Rim Bowls
99 Faceplate Bowls Pyrographed Tree Bowl
100 Faceplate Bowls Manta Ray Bowl
101 Faceplate Bowls Moroccan Style Bowl
102 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Art Deco Winged Bowl
103 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Fumed and Textured Oak Bowl
104 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Offcentre Bowl
105 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Three-legged Bowl
106 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Yew Butterfly Bowl
107 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Simple plywood bowl
108 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Jarrah burl box
109 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Simple plywood bowl
110 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Ash bowls
111 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Sweet chestnut bowl
112 Faceplate Bowls Weekend Projects - Beaded off-set bowl
113 Faceplate Platters Platter With Segmented Inlay Rim
114 Faceplate Platters Spalted Beech Platter
115 Faceplate Platters Weekend Projects - Dinner Plate
116 Faceplate Platters Weekend Projects - Textured Platter
117 Faceplate Platters Weekend Projects - Commemorative egg cup
118 Faceplate Platters Weekend Projects - Metal schlag effect gold leaf platter
119 Faceplate Stylized Stylised Seed Pod
120 Faceplate Stylized Night at the Opera
121 Faceplate Stylized Weekend Projects - Emerald sunrise
122 Segmented   Mixed Exotic Wood Vase
123 Segmented   Tapered Staved Vessel
124 Segmented   Staved Biscuit Barrel
125 Segmented   Tunbridge Ware Box
126 Segmented   Open Segment Involuted Table Lamp
127 Segmented   Segmented Globe
128 Segmented   Weekend Projects - Segmented clock surround
129 Segmented   Weekend Projects - Freehand turned sphere
130 Segmented   Mixed Media Bud Vase
131 Spindle Homeware Bottle Stoppers
132 Spindle Homeware Salt and Pepper Mills
133 Spindle Homeware Eccentric Salt and Pepper Mills
134 Spindle Homeware Outdoor Sculptures
135 Spindle Homeware Trio of Candleholders
136 Spindle Homeware Salt And Pepper Mill With A Twist
137 Spindle Homeware One Blank - Seven Possible Projects
138 Spindle Homeware Samurai Helmet Box
139 Spindle Homeware 8 Bottle Stoppers
140 Spindle Homeware Thermed And Involuted Lamp stand
141 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Gavel and Block
142 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Hollow Pepper Mill
143 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Make a quick-change handle
144 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Decorative jardiniere
145 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Hollow pepper mill
146 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Twisted stem goblet
147 Spindle Homeware Umbrella Stand
148 Spindle Homeware Bookmarkers
149 Spindle Homeware Weekend Projects - Tips for turning a milking stool
150 Spindle Jewelry Turned Jewellery
151 Spindle Toys Whirling Dervish
152 Spindle Toys Spinning Top
153 Spindle Toys Spinning Top Box
154 Spindle Toys Turned Christmas Crackers
155 Spindle Toys Weekend Projects - Japanese Kendama Toy
156 Spindle Toys Weekend Project - Snowman money box
157 Spindle Toys Weekend Projects - Woodturning Trickery - Apple Core
158 Spindle Toys Weekend Projects - Dutch doll
159 Spindle Toys Weekend Projects - Traditional humming top
160 Spindle Toys Snowman Quoits
161 Spindle Stationary European Style Pens Pt 1
162 Spindle Stationary Elegant Fountain Pen
163 Spindle Stationary Weekend Projects - Bookmarkers
164 Spindle Artistic Pear
165 Spindle Artistic Turn A Seedpod Complete With Pearl Seeds
166 Spindle Artistic Offset Sculptures
167 Spindle Artistic Decorative Jardiniere
168 Spindle Artistic Contemporary Bud Vase
169 Spindle Artistic Hanging Vessel
170 Spindle Artistic Japanese Inspired Inro Box
171 Spindle Artistic Stylised Pod Form
172 Spindle Artistic Moroccan Style Coffee Pot
173 Spindle Artistic Traditional Wooden Flask
174 Spindle Artistic Three Spindle Tazza
175 Spindle Artistic Footed Incense Bowl
176 Spindle Artistic Weekend Projects - Trio of candleholders
177 Spindle Artistic Floor Sculpture
178 Spindle Boxes Trio of Nesting Boxes
179 Spindle Boxes Weekend Projects - Ring Box
180 Spindle Boxes Weekend Projects - Jarrah Burl Box
181 Spindle Boxes Hybrid Box
182 Spindle   Springtime Snowdrops
183 Spindle   Weekend Projects - Textured platter
184 Other   Weekend Projects - Seedpod-inspired box
185 Other   Weekend Projects - Candlestick with copper candle cup