WGNC is very excited to have renowned multi-axis turner Barbara Dill for our March 12 meeting -- and three days of workshops -- in 2020. Come join us to welcome Barbara while she demonstrates everything you ever wanted to know about multi-axis spindles! She will discuss from start to finish the design process she uses to create these unique and artistic pieces.

Some of us have explored this area of turning by randomly changing the axes and discovering what happens. In this demo you will learn how to systematically explore multi-axis turning. We will look at the difference between parallel and twisted axes and the two outcomes that can occur when turning a multi axis spindle. Barbara will demonstrate how all the variables can be applied to each axis to create very different designs. Knowing this will enable you to be creative beyond your wildest dreams!

Barbara will also conduct three daylong workshops for us following her demo at the regular club meeting. Member pricing for each workshop is $110, but a special package price of $300 is also available for all three days. Click here to order and reserve your space now. These workshops will not only be great learning opportunities but will also produce some very attractive pieces!

Friday, Mar 13

The first day will be a deep dive into multi-axis theory and application. Barbara will lead the workshop through the systematic approach she has developed for multi-axis turning followed by participants application and practice on the lathe.

Saturday, Mar 14

Saturday’s workshop will focus on turning spindles on one axis, learning and practicing beads, coves and v-cuts. We will then create two projects with multi-axis, a three-sided cup, or a goblet, or a candle holder.

Sunday, Mar 15

The third day will be on split-turning where we will simultaneously mount multiple pieces of wood on the lathe and will turn out multiple pieces at the same time.

Barbara Dill Barbara’s first experience with carving wood was in 1988 at a carving class in Richmond, VA. Wood became her passion and in 1989 was able to retire from a 21year career in nursing. She first studied woodturning in 1990 at Arrowmont with Michael Hosaluk; then in ’91 with Ray Key; then in ’92 with David Ellsworth. She has attended symposiums, workshops and demos throughout the years and in 1998 she started teaching beginning woodturning at the Hand Workshop in Richmond (now the Visual Arts Center, 1998-2006).

Barbara was always fascinated with multi axis turning and it became her focus in 2006. Tired of running into dead ends with her candle holders, she decided to see if there was a way to sort out the confusion of this aspect of turning. So, she developed a systematic approach to multi-axis which she now enjoys teaching and sharing. Barbara has made instructional videos which are available on her you tube channel, and has published articles in the American Woodturner. She was an Emerging Artist at the 2011 National Symposium and has demonstrated at SWAT in Texas, the Appalachian Center for Craft, Arrowmont, The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, and at AAW symposiums, as well as turning clubs in many states and in Canada.

She has recently compiled a book loaded with drawings, photos, and information about multi axis spindle turning that was published in the summer of 2018 and is available in bookstores and on line (Amazon). She now enjoys time in her studio in Rockville, Virginia. "My interest is to experiment with the many forms that can be turned on a lathe between centers." Visit her website at https://www.barbaradill.com/