Greetings fellow woodturners;

With the COVID-19 crisis, we hope that you all remain safe, healthy and confined as directed.

As you know NCSU and the Craft Center are shut down for the next few months, so we are unable to hold our usual monthly demonstration meetings.

The WGNC board is working on alternatives to help continue and extend the learning resource and camaraderie you have come to expect from the club.

This includes video demonstrations, virtual meetings and other technical opportunities to keep us going while obeying the new requirements of physical social distancing.

Beginning with our April 9 meeting, we have recorded a demonstration we plan to present live through a virtual meeting, using Zoom technology with your home computer, smart phone or tablet.

For May we have already lined up a demonstrator who will conduct a live presentation using this technology, and we are also reviewing plans to host regular "watch parties" with other video presentations and possibly short-topic live break-out sessions with members capable of video presentation.

While certainly not the same as having 30-50 turners in the same room, the technological advances will allow for a shared experience with the opportunity to ask or type questions and get real-time responses from the presenter.

The AAW, as well as many organizations, has selected Zoom as the most reliable and easy to use technology for these virtual meetings. No account is required to attend. Computer users can gain immediate access through a meeting link we provide and those with a tablet or smart phone can download an app for the same experience.

Please stay tuned and look for updates in the coming WGNC newsletters.