Greetings fellow woodturners;

As we continue to deal with this COVID-19 crisis, we hope that you all remain safe, healthy and confined as directed.

NCSU and the Craft Center continue to remain shut down and it appears this will continue to be the case into the fall.

The WGNC board is continuing to find ways to bring you the learning resources and camaraderie you have come to expect from the club.

This Spring and Summer we have been able to bring you Zoom live video demonstrations, virtual galleries, video watch parties and other content opportunities to keep you informed and entertained while obeying the new requirements of physical social distancing.

More is planned for the second half of 2020, so please keep an eye on updates which can be found in the "A look ahead 2020" article. 

Please stay tuned and look for updates in the coming WGNC newsletters.