How to submit news stories and articles to the web site.


  1. Open the web site
  2. Logon by clicking the “LOGON” button in the main menu.
  3. Click the “SUBMIT NEWS” button in the user menu.
  4. Type in the information about your article:
    1. Title – This is the short title that will be used as a link
    2. Category – Select which category you want your article listed under
    3. Intro Text – This is the introduction to your article that will be displayed on the main page followed by a “Read More” link. This short paragraph should be enough to grab the readers attention and can contain images.
    4. Main Text – This is the rest of your article.
  5. Images can be added any where in your Intro or Main Text areas:
    1. Place your cursor in the text area where you want to place an image
    2. Click the button below the text area to place an image placeholder in that spot. You can place as many images as you want.
    3. For each of your placeholders, you now have to assign images to them. Click the Images tab
    4. Select the Sub-folder from the drop down list, these sub-folders represent all of the online galleries that are on the web site. There is a special gallery called “Misc Images” which is used to upload miscellaneous images to use in your articles.
    5. Select an image from the Gallery Images list
    6. Click the Insert button. This will add that image to the Content Images list, these will be used to replace your place holders in your text in the order that they are in the list.
    7. You can change formatting of the individual images by selecting it from the Content Images list, changing the settings and clicking the Apply button.
  6. Now you need to specify how and when your article should be published. Click the Publishing tab and fill in the information.                 
    1. State – Published or Unpublished, you may not have access to this field.
    2. Access Level – Choose the level of access you want, usually it is Public but can be any of the following:

                                                               i.      Public – Anyone can view the content

                                                             ii.      Registered – Only those with a valid logon can view the content

                                                            iii.      Special – Only those with administrative privileges can view the content.

    1. Author Alias: If you are submitted the article for another member, enter their name here.
    2. Ordering – This defaults to show new articles at the front.
    3. Start Publishing – This is when the article will first appear on the site.
    4. Finish Publishing – This is when the article will stop appearing on the site.
    5. Show on Front Page – Check this box if you want the article to show up on the front page of the site.
  1. The Metadata tab allows you to insert metadata about your content to help search engines find and index the data, this is optional and can be skipped.
  2. Once you have everything to your liking, click the Save Button Now your article will be sent to the web site editor, who will then review your article and then publish it.